Chapter 312

Chapter A312


[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Fredonia during codification 12-9-1996; see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. II. Amendments noted where applicable.]

  • A312-1. Title.

This chapter shall be known as the “Standard Schedule of Fees of the Village of Fredonia.” 

  • A312-2. Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to provide for a consolidated schedule of fees to be charged in the administration of village laws, ordinances, regulations and resolutions and to permit an annual review and modification of such fees by the Board of Trustees by resolution duly adopted in accordance with this chapter. 

  • A312-3. Applicability.

The fees set forth herein shall apply to the provisions of all of the local laws, ordinances, regulations and resolutions adopted by the Village of Fredonia and shall supersede any specific fee contained or referred to in such laws, ordinances, regulations or resolutions which have been adopted prior to the date of this chapter. 

  • A312-4. Fees enumerated. [Amended 7-28-1997; 9-28-1998; 4-8-2002; 7-10-2006]

The following schedule of fees and charges is hereby established with respect to licenses, permits and activities required or regulated under the provisions of various chapters of the Code of the Village of Fredonia. Applications for and the issuance of such licenses and permits are subject to the provisions of the specific chapter of the Code which is indicated for each type of license or permit. The business, activity or operation for which the license or permit is required is subject to all regulations set forth in the chapter to which reference is made and to all other applicable laws and regulations. The fees are subject to change, and the user may confirm the currently effective fee with the Village Administrator/Clerk’s office.

Chapter/Purpose for Fee Fee
Ch. 55: Plumbing Board  
  Examination fee $25
  Application and first year license fee $150
  Annual renewal fee $100
  Special handling fee for failure to renew master plumbers license $250
  Fee for permit to do plumbing work $50
Ch. 85: Amusements  
  Art. I, Pool Halls and Billiard Rooms; Bowling Alleys  
    Annual license for each pool or billiard table or bowling alley $6
Ch. 89: Animals  
  Redemption of dogs $25 for picking up dog; $11.50 per day for boarding
Ch. 129: Electrical Standards  
  Fee for electrical license examination Editor’s Note: This fee was updated pursuant to L.L. No. 6-2008. See § 129-5D. $75
  Initial license fee for master electrician license $150
  Yearly renewal fee for master electrician license $100
  Special handling fee for failure to renew master electrician license $250
Ch. 135: Environmental Quality Review  
  SEQR Short form $50
  SEQR Long form $100
Ch. 151: Fire Prevention and Building Construction  
NOTE: Fee shall be tripled if work requiring a building permit is started without first obtaining a permit.  
  Building permit fee for each residential new building or structure or alteration
[Amended 5-26-2015]
    One- and two-family $0.20 per square foot floor area; minimum charge $100
    Multi-family $0.35 per square foot floor area; minimum charge $100
    Commercial $0.50 per square foot floor area; minimum charge $150
  Building permit renewals Renew at same as original cost of permit
NOTE: Floor area shall be based on outside dimensions of the structure. Floor area shall not include, however, a nonhabitable attic or carport, but shall include an accessory garage.  
  Fees for repairs/alterations not increasing size of building Flat fee of $100 for all repair permits and $5 for each $1,000 for alterations, plus $100
  All roof permits Flat $75 for all residential roofs
  Electrical permits All electrical permits cost $10
  Truss placards: (mandatory signage)  
    Commercial and residential $50
  All sheds, fences and aboveground swimming pools $50
  Private detached garages $100 flat fee
  Applications to Board of Appeals for variances, special use permits or administrative reviews  
     Area $100
     Use $250
     Area $250
     Use $250
    Special use permits $250
  Cell Towers:  
    (New) $1,500
    Co-locate $1,000
  Aboveground pool or on ground pool over 2 feet deep $50
  Inflatable pools:
[Added 10-22-2007]
    First year $50
    Each year after first year $25
  Inground pools over 2 feet deep $100
  Fences and walls $35
[Amended 10-22-2007]
    Work performed over $750 $10
    Work performed under $750 No fee
  Requested inspection outside normal business hours $50
  Demolition permit:  
    For demolition of up to a 1.5-story 1-, 2- or 3-family dwelling $200
    For demolition of structural accessory to all other uses $50
    For commercial demolition $250
  Renewal permit $50
  Plan review for any new construction, repair, alteration, nonrefundable  
    Up to 10,000 square foot floor area $40 or $0.04 x square foot floor area, whichever is greater
    10,001 to 50,000 square foot floor area $0.02 x square foot floor area
    50,001 to 100,000 square foot floor area $0.015 x square foot floor area
    100,001 and up $0.01 x square foot floor area
NOTE: Floor area shall be based on outside dimensions of the structure. Floor area shall not include, however, a nonhabitable attic or carport, but shall include an accessory garage.  
  Certificate of occupancy:  
  If building permit is in effect No charge
  If building permit is not in effect 50% of the fee that would be charged for a building permit
  Temporary certificate of occupancy $50
  Temporary certificate of compliance $50
  Chimney, fireplace or solid-fuel-burning appliance installation inspection $65
  Certificate of compliance for rental properties:  
    Single-family $55
    Two-family $85
    R-2 multiple dwelling – permanent occupancy $50 per building unit within said building where more than one building is located on a tax map parcel, plus $20 per dwelling unit located on the tax parcel. Tax parcels that adjoin each other and are under the same ownership shall be considered one tax parcel for the purpose of assessing this fee.
    R-1 multiple dwelling – transient occupancy $100 per building, plus $5 for each sleeping unit within said building
    R-2 multiple dwelling – senior citizen housing $100 per building, plus $5 for each dwelling unit within said building
    I-1 multiple dwelling – residential care $100 per building, plus $5* for each sleeping unit within said building
    Reinspection fee where violation not corrected $45
  Operating permits
[Added 10-22-2007]
No fee
  Annual fee for fire safety inspections (commercial):  
    0 to 5,999 square feet $50
    6,000 to 14,000 square feet $100
    15,000 to 24,999 square feet $200
    25,000 square feet and over $325
Ch. 171: Handbills  
  Annual license to post and distribute bills, provided that the cost shall not exceed the following: $10
    Handbills to home merchants, per 1,000 $1.50
    Handbills to outside merchants, per 1,000 $2
    Poster for 1-week showing, per poster $0.03
    Poster for 30-day showing, per poster $0.06
Ch. 189: Licensing  
  Art. I, Sale of Bankrupt Stock  
    Monthly license fee $100
Ch. 209: Parks  
  Art. I, Traffic and Parking in Russell R. Joy Park  
    Traffic recording fee $5
Ch. 217: Peddling and Soliciting  
  License fee, based on duration  
    7-day license $50
    30-day license $200
    1-year license $500
Ch. 229: Records, Public Access to Transcripts $1 per page
NOTE: Copies of public documents and records are chargeable at $0.25 per page; this fee is established by § 87 of the Public Officers Law.  
Ch. 237: Sewers  
  Art. I, Use Regulations  
    Permit and inspection fee for private sewage disposal systems $10
  Building sewer permits and inspections  
    Residential and commercial building $5
    Industrial buildings $10
NOTE: Sewer rents are established by local law; see Ch. 237, Art. II.  
NOTE: Industrial waste surcharge is determined as set forth in Ch. 237, Art III.  
Ch. 253: Solid Waste  
  Art. I, Garbage Collection  
    Annual license fee to collect and dispose garbage $1
Ch. 257: Streets and Sidewalks  
  Art. I, Use of Streets and Sidewalks  
  Repair of sidewalks:  
    Reimbursement to property owners for repairing or replacing old sidewalk $1.50 per square foot floor area
Ch. 260: Subdivisions
[Added 10-22-2007]
  Minor subdivision $100
  All other subdivisions $250
Ch. 269: Trailer Parks  
  Application for license $5
  Monthly service and inspection charge $2.50 per unit
Ch. 287: Water  
  Art. I, Use Regulations; Rates  
    Additional trips by tapper during introduction of water service $0.50 per trip
NOTE: Water rates are established by local law; See Ch. 287, Art. I.  
Ch. 297: Zoning  
  Mobile home park, annual license or renewal thereof $100
  Monthly fee for mobile homes occupying space in a mobile home park in the event that mobile homes are not on tax rolls $10 per mobile home
Zoning permit  
  Construction of a single-family dwelling No charge
  Construction of a double-family dwelling No charge
  Construction of multiple dwellings  
    For the first 3 dwelling units No charge
    For each additional dwelling unit No charge
  Construction of a hotel, motel or motor court No charge
  Construction of an accessory building, except a garage No charge
  Construction of a garage No charge
  Building alterations No charge
  Swimming pools, above- and below-ground No charge
  Construction of industrial buildings or additions to industrial buildings (“Industrial building” has the same meaning as defined in “industry” in Ch. 297, Zoning.) No charge
Site plan review (residential) $100
Site plan review (commercial) $250
Application to Board of Appeals for variance, special use permit or administrative review  
  Residential variance (area or use) $100
  Residential special permit $100
  Commercial variance or special permit $250
  Administrative review $250



  • A312-5. Periodic review and amendment.

The Board of Trustees may periodically review the fee schedule set forth in this chapter and may, by resolution, amend the fees set forth therein.