Chapter 306

Chapter A306


  All lands annexed to the Village of Fredonia are briefly described below. Village records should be consulted for the text of the territory descriptions.

Table of Land Annexations

Local Law Number                          Date of Enactment                   Description

L.L. No. 4-1970                         11-30-1970    

All that tract or

 parcel of land

 situate in the Town

 of Pomfret, County

 of Chautauqua and

 State of New York

 and more


 described as

 follows: Beginning

 at a point in the

center line of East

Main Street (U.S.

Route 20) at the

intersection of the

boundary line

between the Village

of Fredonia on the

west and the Town of

Pomfret on the east,

and said point of

beginning also being

located 20 chains 98

links more or less

from the

southwesterly corner

of Lot 2; thence

northeasterly along

said center line of

East Main Street

(U.S. Route 20) a

distance of 537.22

feet more or less to

the point of

intersection of said

center line in East

                         L.L. No. 4-1970     (cont’d)                                     

Main Street with the

center line in New

York State Route 60;

thence northwesterly

along the center

line in Route 60 a

distance of 1,330

feet more or

less to a point in

said boundary line

between the village

and the town; thence

southerly along said

boundary line to the

point or place of