Chapter 175

Chapter 175


[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Fredonia 11-10-1919. Amendments noted where applicable.]

~ 175-1. Adoption of Sanitary Code. [Amended 6-28-1920]

  On the request and recommendation of the Health Officer, on motion voted, the Sanitary Code, as adopted and recommended by the State Board of Health, be and is hereby adopted by this Board, acting as the Board of Health, as the Sanitary Code in and for the Village of Fredonia.

~ 175-2. Rules and regulations governing venereal diseases.

  The rules and regulations governing the treatment and control of venereal diseases, as recommended by the State Commissioner of Health for adoption by this Board, under date of October 7, 1919, and now remaining on file in the Clerk’s office of this village, be and the same are adopted as the rules and regulations of this Board of Health in connection with such conditions and all matters pertaining thereto.